DBZ peeker Mystery Pack

DBZ peeker Mystery Pack

$7.50 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

Our DBZ Mystery Pack!

We will randomly select and send you either 2 or 3, depending on what you choose.

This is a good way to get some of our DBZ Peeker Chibis, whilst saving money, and releases you from the stress of choosing which Peekers you want!


Chibis available to be recieved:

MUI Goku
Majin Vegeta
SSJ4 Goku
SSJ4 Gogeta 
Full Power Broly
Kid Buu

Ghost Gotenks

SSJ Trunks

Base Broly 

SSJB Vegito'

SSJR Goku Black

SSJ Bardock




*Please note, no doubles will send in each Mystery pack purchased, however if you purchase the 3 Chibi mystery pack x 2 (6 random Chibisin total) there may be duplicates (1 SSJ Trunks in each 3 pack for example)*