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White.sti - Featured Ride #5

Hey Fam!Been a long time, gonna try and comit more to getting these out in quicker succession!

Today's featured ride is @white.sti, some personal stuff and some good advice coming, but also info on his stunning white Blobeye STI. Lets go!


Car when bought mod list:

When I purchased my STi 4 years ago, the mods list wasn't anything spectacular, it had a mild steel dump, stainless steel cat back, APS TMIC and a few other bits and pieces. Nothing too serious. The first thing I did in my 18 year old wisdom was get a blast pipe fabbed up and remove the resonator.


Current mod list

Geeeze, you really gonna make me copy and paste?

Engine: APS TMIC APS Cold Air Intake APS Blow Off Valve Blouch Dominator 1.5 XTR 8cm Raceworks 1100cc Injectors (INJ-500) Walbro 460 (525) GrimSpeed Electronic 3-Port Boost Solenoid PSR Turbo Inlet PSR UEL Headers PW TGV Delete Koyorad Aluminium Racing Radiator Turbosmart FPR1200 Turbosmart FPR Liquid Filled PSI Gauge Turbosmart FPR Fuel Rail Adaptor Invidia Catless Stainless Steel Downpipe Invidia Signature Edition N1 Catback Perrin Turbo Heat Shield Perrin Turbo Blanket Perrin 3 Port Baffled Catch Can Driveline: NPC 5 Puk, Brass Button, Spring Centre, Single Disk Clutch Kit. Genuine STi Group N Transmission Mount Cusco 1.5 Way Front Diff (Replaced Whole 6 Speed Box Due to Blowing Front Diff - matching numbers) Brakes: DBA T3 500 Rotors Winmax W2 Pads HEL Braided Lines Suspension, wheels, tyres: Pedders Extreme XA Coilovers. Enkei NT-03+M - 18x9.5+28 Nankang NS2R Semi Slicks 255/35/18 Misc: AEM Wideband X-Series 02 Sensor Kit w/ gauge (Red) Zeitronix V2 Ethanol Kit with gauge (Red) Genuine Genome STi Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost Gauge Cluster & Pod. Genuine STi Group N Engine Mounts Cusco Master Cylinder Stopper (Red) Perrin Pitch Stop Mount (Red) Perrin Pulley Cover (Red) Perrin Radiator Cover (Red) Perrin Wing Stabilizer x3 GrimSpeed Hood Struts Rally Armor Mudflaps (Black/Red) Mishimoto Neo Chrome Wheel Nuts Hella Supertones w/ Perrin Bracket Oz Sti Front Lip Oz Sti Side Skirt Extension Oz Sti Rear Bar Extension Genuine STi 6 Speed Gearknob (Red) Genuine STi S203/S204 Hazard Switch (Red) Pioneer 7inch Touch Screen Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Alpine SR 6.5 Splits in Front Alpine SR 4.5 Rears Pioneer 1600W Amplifier Kicker 12inch Sub & Box


Most recent mod

I am buying a pair of Bride Low Max this weekend. Going to be so nice compared to the OEM STi seats I am rocking at the moment!


Favourite part of the car

My favourite part of my car is probably how many looks It gets, whether it be good or bad. I am driving it very rarely at the moment due to work and other commitments but when it never fails to make me smile no matter how I feel.


Best part of the Subaru/Car community

It's really hard to say as personally I feel the car community is just as toxic as MW2 Search and Destroy chat on Xbox Live circa 2010.


Worst part of the Subaru/Car community

Not singling out any one 'community' here, but in my humble opinion, it's shit.

For the most part, people are so two faced, fake, liars, back stabbers, shit talkers ect.

Stop chasing clout and put your phones down.

There are alot of people who aren't like this, but so many people are too self absorbed and fake when it comes to cars, outside of IG and a few meets here and there, unless I am promoting stuff I really don't have anything to do with the 'car community' any more.

Too much petty drama. I don't care about it.


Future plans for yourself

I just want to keep on doing me.

I am coming a long way in my personal life as well as my career, a big thing for me, as well as a lot of other people my age is my mental health, I am working on improving my outlook on this world and my life more than anything at the moment.

Everything else, face value, is fine.


Future plans for the car

I really haven't thought that far ahead yet, I think next up I will be half caging it and putting some harnesses, removing rear seats all together ect.


Best advice you've received (in general or car related)

You gotta decide whether you're the wolf or the sheep.


What you'd want to change in the Subaru/car community

People need to stop taking themselves so seriously. At the end of the day, someone's car is faster than yours, someone has more money than you, someone's life is better than yours. Stop living a facade.

It's tiring and 99% of the time people can see straight through it.


Links on where to find @white.sti


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