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Joshubaru - Featured Ride #1

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hey guys! we are going to be releasing these more often in the future from now on! Have a couple up my sleeve but first and foremost, we are starting with my Bud from across the world Joshubaru!

He is getting super close to 10k followers on Instagram at time of release, and putting heaps of effort into his Youtube Channel (all links at the end) and his aero business! Based in Portland Oregon. I have asked him some questions, and he has been kind enough to write an essay answering them. He has provided some dope photos of his Subie, whilst also including a photo from where it all started! Let's get it.


Car when bought mod list My car had an exhaust when I purchased it. Other than that, my car was entirely stock. Most of what was on the car (bumpers/headlights/literally everything) was held in with electrical tape and zip ties. Surprisingly enough, the exhaust that came with the car, is still on the car today. I had to add some metal to the bottom since it was scrapping thru the existing metal but it’s still kickin!


Current mod list Exterior (front to rear): -Chargespeed carbon brake ducts -Greddy front lip -icyaero front splitter -Fully Torqued Racing splitter rods -JDM STI front grille -JDM headlights -Seibon Carbon hood -HT Auto side skirt extensions -JDM rain visors -tubbed rear quarter panels -Carbon roof vane -Seibon Carbon trunk -Battleaero (sadly) Carbon wing with endplates I made -04 wrx rear bumper -1 of 1 Taillights built by me with diode dynamics strips and halos ft. sequential turn signals -icyaero rear diffuser -rear spats with extensions I made -custom “lowwrx” license plate? lol -wrapped in 3m Cosmic Blue with black accents


-a cluster with 265k miles on it because I actually drive my car despite being static -Status Racing bucket seats -buddy club seat brackets -STI carpet -Cobb accessport -custom floral A/B/C pillars -Black suede headliner -Kartboy shift knob -matching (with seats) shift boot cover -custom trunk setup with nardo grey hardwood flooring -12 inch JBL subwoofer -Kicker audio speakers all around Suspension:

-BC Racing extreme low coil overs -20k 5 inch swift springs -camber plates -slotted knuckles -shaved camber plates -Whiteline roll center kit Wheels:

-Work Emotion XD9 18x10 +38 -white with blue sparkle powdercoat -225/35/18 Atlas tires -blue Work Emotion center cap -blue Work lugnuts -blue Work valve stem caps

Brakes: -Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors -Stoptech brake pads Motor: -JDM EJ205 -VF39 turbo -flex fuel fuel pump -STI pink injectors -tuned by Torqued Performance -AEM cold air intake -Mishimoto radiator from a GC (bigger core) -some fancy colorful hoses and covers -braided coolant line -Discontinued BPM Twister exhaust with divorced downpipe


Most recent mod I purchased my 11th Greddy front lip and another set of HT Auto side skirt extensions since I broke mine on some crosswalk paint (lol).


Favourite part of the car I absolutely love my taillights because of the story behind them. Nothing like what I have had ever been done before on a Subaru. I told a company what I wanted and they delivered. However, the product failed shortly after receiving. Due to many circumstances, the company assumed it was my fault and wouldn’t fix it after breaking multiple times. This made me have to think out of the box. My friend and I ended up completely redoing just about everything in the taillights. We used diode dynamic led strips and halos the second time around. After hundreds of hours of messing around with them, we got them to work. Although it ended up costing me around 3k USD, it was an experience to go from not knowing anything to building my own 1/1 set of taillights.


Best part of the Subaru/Car community  The Subaru community is very open to new people. A Subaru has to be one of the best cars to get if you’re trying to get into the car scene. You will find likeminded people rather easily. The car community, as a whole, is very nice. They will be there for you at 3am when your engine blows on the side of the highway. People you’ve never met before will give you an arm and leg if needed, just because you have a modified car.


Worst part of the Subaru/Car community  The worst part of the car community is how everyone thinks it is toxic. Simply put, it isn’t toxic, you’re just hanging around the wrong people. I also dislike how some individuals choose to bash on someone for the way they do something to their car. Someone might ask “what oil do I use on my car” and will get hundreds of comments trolling him/her. We all use to not know anything about cars. Be there for people who are like what you used to be. “Just look it up on Google” isn’t a good response when all you can find on Google is forum posts of people trolling. Just be there for one another. It isn’t hard to be nice!


Future plans for yourself

I plan on growing both my aero business and YouTube. YouTube has always been a dream for me and I finally found the momentum to do it properly. Being able to create content for people to enjoy is a dream. I enjoy it and it puts smiles on people’s faces. A win win.


Future plans for the car I have a few plans but nothing crazy! My main goal has always been to just drive the living crap out of my car. I’m defying the norm with this car. Most people with modified cars are too scared to drive it. Lots of people with air suspension claim how it’s way more functional, but never drive their car. Static people claim to be the hottest s*** on the block but can’t even drive their car down the block. Meanwhile, I’m driving my car thousands of miles/kilometers for trips, fun, etc. Minus that, I plan on doing a carbon roof soon, getting aircups for the front and redoing all the body work on my car! The aircups are mainly for getting over the speed bumps at the US/Canada border, otherwise, I’ll be driving everywhere without them up. They only go up an inch with my current setup anyways, so it isn’t life changing.


Best advice you've recieved (in general or car related) ASK FOR HELP. Simply asking about something can save you from so much pain later on. Ask the right people. Asking a Facebook group might be the wrong idea. Some people have nothing better but to just troll. Just ask your buddies or hey, ask me. I might find time to help you out.


What you'd want to change in the Subaru/car community I wish I could make it so straight piped Subaru’s and flooring it at every opportunity you get was punishable with maximum jail time :)


All Links of where to find Joshubaru

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