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Broke.sti - Featured Ride #4

Hey Fam! Getting into the swing of getting people wanting to be apart of the Blog, I will most likely do 5 and then swap up the questions, as some people may want different questions asked! If you're here reading this, I appreciate you! Today's featured ride is @broke.sti from the Australian Capital Territory! His ride is Bagged and has had a lot done to it! Let's go!


Car when bought mod list:

Stock as a rock


Current mod list

Airlift v2 air suspension Work cr2p wheels CS front lip and side skirt extensions C style headlights Cusco rear lca DBA T2 slotted front and rear rotors Engine Forged EJ257 CP pistons Argo I beam con rods Race series bearings Killer b oil pick up 12mm oil pump RCM 11mm extreme Head studs Turbo back exhaust Grimmspeed up pipe with Tial external wastegate Blotch 2.5 xtr dominator turbo Process west intercooler Turbo smart plumb back blow off valve AVO silicone inlet Grimmspeed 3 port electronic boost control solenoid Mishimoto cold air intake ID1050x injectors AEM 340lph fuel pump Cobb accessport


Most recent mod

Work cr2p wheels


Favourite part of the car

Would have to be the sound of the external wastegate


Best part of the Subaru/Car community

The people you meet and friends you make all from owning a car


Worst part of the Subaru/Car community

There’s really not a worst part for me, but the hate from the very few people who have nothing better to do than hate on a Subaru because it has “tilty” wheels is funny


Future plans for yourself

Buying a house is the main plan in my life currently


Future plans for the car

So many things I want to do but nothing is set in stone. Probably sell it in a year or so though


Best advice you've received (in general or car related)

Very cliche but, to just be yourself and do you, don’t let people control what you decide to do in life, especially if it makes you happy.


What you'd want to change in the Subaru/car community

I would love it to be more like the Japan car scene, they love everything about cars and have such unique builds and the price for old Japanese cars and parts is so feasible.


Links on where to find @broke.sti:


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